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Our History

Our church has a colorful history. We have expereinced many highs and many lows. Colonel Sanders, yes that Col Sanders, once stopped in and paid off the remainder of a loan we held. We've been fortunate to have many great people call our church their home over the years. 


A Short History of our Church**:

In 1932, two Nazarene preachers, Rev. Sanford and Rev. Carmen Sloan, held a meeting in Corbin, KY in a church building at the corner of Christian and Center St. The Corbin Church of the Nazarene was organized from that initial meeting on August 31, 1933 which was a Thursday night. Rev. Bee Early was authorized by the Pioneer Department of the Church of the Nazarene to be the first pastor. The church was housed in the old church building at Christian and Center St. The charter members were Mrs. Opal Alsip and Mrs. Mamie Sheppard.

The next building was purchased at a location on Master St from W.M. Price in 1941. Earnest Williams made sure the church got the money to purchase the building which was $2,500.00. Everyone pitched in and remodeled the building and in 1950 a sanctuary was added on the Christian St. end of the property.

In 1957 a flood destroyed everything in the church. There was six feet of water in the sanctuary and the Corbin Fire Department had to pump out the water and mud and help carry debris. In August 1972, the mortgage was burned on the building and in 1973 adjoining property was purchased on which our present facility is located. Today our facilities consist of the sanctuary, a two story educational unit, a fellowship hall and complete gymnasium. There has been much sacrifice and labor put into these buildings. This was done with the intention of honoring God and making a difference for Him in the Corbin, KY area.

Our congregation has had 26 pastors over these many years and all of them have had blessed ministries. Dr. David Cubie, who pastored here in 1954, was for many years the Religion Department Head at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. I have personally had the distinct privilege of pastoring Rev. J.B. Root and Rev. Charles Haselwood in their retirement years, both former pastors of the Corbin Church of the Nazarene. 

**This information was compiled from the writings and memoirs of Sister Virginia Prewitt, a longtime member and leader in our congregation.

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